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"Terra, I--"

"It's alright. The Master... doesn't need to know, right?"

"... I suppose not. But what about--"



"Ven, uh..."

"I was just looking for you! I wanted to show you-- ... Terra, why's your face so red?"

"It's not red!"

"Ven, listen, we were just--"

"Were you guys training without me? You know I wanted to help!"

"No, it's--"

"Geez, I can't believe you guys! Next time, alright?"

"... um--"

"Sure. It's just a little sparring, right?"

"R... right. Of course. Sparring."

"Good. ... Hey, Terra?"

"Yeah, Ven?"

"Why's your Keyblade Glider all sticky?"


"I spilled something on it."


"I, uh... don't remember?"

"... how can you not remember? Isn't that kind of--"

"Terra! Aqua! Ventus! Report to me immediately!"

"The Master! I wonder what he wants... Terra, Aqua, come on!"

"... there he goes."


"Yes, Terra?"

"Next time, we're doing this in a bed, instead."

"That's ... probably a good idea. Wait, next time?"

"What, you don't want to?"

"No, I do! I just..."

"Next time."

The way he smiles confidently at her before he strides off brings a dusting of pink to her cheeks. With a mental note to thoroughly clean Terra's Glider off later, Aqua runs off to catch up with her friends.


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